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Fido Xtra - Dining Deals - Vendor Unaware of Offers

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am from the Ottawa Area, and recently found some dining deals under Fido Xtra, which Fido Xtra is promoting in the Fido App.  The can be found under the food icon/tab, then go to Restaurants and More,  the go to Get My Dining Deals. Here you are brought to another tab, promoted by Dining Deals, with Fido Xtra on the same banner.  I printed off to offers for two pizza shops who when contacted would not redeem the offers, and they said they had no idea of what they were about. 

I have contacted Fido Customer service who have said "Looks like this is an offer from diningdeals and not Fido Xtra". This is ridiculous, as the Fido Xtra Banner is clearly there, and the promoted by Fido Xtra under the Food tab, and Restaurants and More. There is clearly an example of passing the buck, and a lack of ownership, and transparency on Fido's part.  


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi there @2i 


If you following the instructions in the app, it says to:


1. Tap GET MY DINNING DEALS and your unique code will be automatically generated to give you access to the Dining Deals portal 
2. Choose up to 2 offers and generate your Dining Deals coupons 

We hope that clarifies Smiley 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi FidoStephane, 

I followed those steps as you mentioned, printed off the vouchers, ordered and brought the voucher in to be honoured.   The main issue here is.  when I brought in the vouchers, the vendors would not accept them.  They claimed they had not dealt with FidoXtra nor the folks from "". I called several other vendors aftewards asking if they would accept the vouchers on the Xtra site, and none would. I believe there is a disconnect between what is being promoted by FidoXtra on their site, BonousDeals, the Vendors.  I would respectually suggest that FidoXtra has some responsibility here to ensure offers are valid before posting on their site, and clients taking the time to try and use them. 

Hello @2i,


Sorry to hear this has happened to you but these promotions exist because the company wants the advertisement and does Pay a discounted rate to the company for the offers. 


From experience what I find happens when it comes to franchise companies some franchisee are very dishonest and do want to honor these deals because it comes out of their profit. 


For example, the last time they had the Thai Express offer I went to one location and the girl said I need to make a purchase to get the free item and I had to read out the terms for her before she eventually did it, these are some of the tactics some franchisee. 


At this point, Fido maybe able to contact the person who authorizes this promotion but it would be better if you contact the company directly so they know who you are and which location is doing this, usually there is some form of contact information at the bottom of the offer in the app that you can use in the event of any problems. 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2


Albeit I understand the issues you raise, the real issue here is, I have now experienced at least 5 occasions dealing with customer service and this community where Fido has passed the buck back to me the customer to contact the authority who does the promotion. I am not the one coordinating with them, and then posting the offers on your website. I will be writing the VP of Marketing and Promotions of Fido to raise this matter to an authority level that should be taking care of this.  

Hello, again @2i,


I understand what you are saying but you need to understand Fido does not control the franchise or franchisee, Fido collaborates with the franchise yes and they can definitely contact the person who is organizing the collaboration and let them know some customers are having issues.


Fido can take your info and the location info and pass it on but it would be much more effective if the customer contacts the franchise directly this way there is no middle man and the franchise can get your experience directly from you and be more effective when dealing with that particular franchisee.


Fido is not passing the buck because they do not care they tell us to contact the franchise directly as it will be the most effective way to communicate any issues and that's why they have a contact person or email in many of those offers.