Can’t login to myfido app

Can’t login to myfido app

Can’t login to myfido app

I'm a Participant Level 1

Can’t login to myfido app

I started Fido 2018/06/22,

But when I send the phone number the app dipalys “Account Info Not Available” and didn’t sent the code to me.



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Hey @Fj90929!


We're you able to log in on the My Account app after registering your account on using your email address as your username?


The Community would love an update!


Hey @Fj90929


Welcome to the Community!


Are you already registered online? You can connect on My Account?


If not, you definitely have to Register online first before being able to connect to the Fido App


What happens if you try to log in onto the app with your email address as the username instead?