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Clear Cache & Cookies in your internet browser

Hey Community! Sometimes it may be necessary to clear your browser’s cache and cookies to troubleshoot issues with website login or pages displaying incorrectly. Click on the browser you are using below for instructions on how to do this. Chrome on C...

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Apple IOS update without WiFi solution

This isn't a trick for everyone maybe, but it is what happens with out of the box thinking like mine. My wife wanted to do the IOS update on an Apple iPhone 6S and it won't let her do that over mobile data. At least she can't figure it out, and I don...

Fido roaming rates for USA travel

Here are the pay-per-use rates for the U.S.: $1.45/min on both outgoing and incoming calls $0.75/msg sent Incoming msgs are unlimited $7.99/50 MB/24 hours It’s good to know that depending on the carrier, you’re allowed between 140 & 160 characters pe...

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Change sound notification for text/mail in Samsung phone

For some reasons, Samsung chose to use same notification sound for all apps. It was ok but text/mail should be separated. By default sound and LED for mail&text are set to be the same (Blue). I don't think you can change the LED color using Samsung n...

mobius by I'm a Participant Level 3
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