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Clear Cache & Cookies in your internet browser

Hey Community!    Sometimes it may be necessary to clear your browser’s cache and cookies to troubleshoot issues with website login or pages displaying incorrectly. Click on the browser you are using below for instructions on how to do this.   Chrom...

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Not receiving verification codes

Hello, all. I see alot of people say they aren't getting all texts and I also had this issue but not for a long time! I quickly figured it out. if you’re using a phone administrator such as 'Yahoo' or 'True caller' make sure you turn it off, as it ma...

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Be sure to use new sim that comes with phone

I'm not sure if I'm the only complacent person when it comes to getting a new phone. I usually just put my existing SIM in the new phone and put the new one in a drawer somewhere. I found them yesterday and since I've been having a few issues with my...

Don't go over the limit! - Mobile Data Usage

Having larger than expected bills caused by going over your data limit?  Make sure not to go over by setting data usage caps!   1: Download the Fido My Account app if you haven't already, and log in!     2: Check your limit there. If you have 1gb, or...

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LG Android 10 tethering workaround

I finally got a new Android phone this year. Upgraded from a Sony Xperia with 4.4 Kitkat to an LG G7 with 10. And completely lost the ability to use USB tethering. Hotspot tethering works fine. But that doesn't help when I want to USB tether to my AS...

Keep your phone clean and stay healthy

Many of us have cases on our phones but what we don't realize is the amount of germs and to dirt that build up under the case. If you have had a case on your phone for the past few months and have not removed it you do so and you will see what I am t...

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