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Clear Cache & Cookies in your internet browser

Hey Community!    Sometimes it may be necessary to clear your browser’s cache and cookies to troubleshoot issues with website login or pages displaying incorrectly. Click on the browser you are using below for instructions on how to do this.   Chrom...

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Cracked screen - safety tip

How many people have broken a phone screen. hands up.. yeah, lots of us.I really shattered one bad on my old SONY, but the touch screen was still working so I kept using it. Hurt though when I would get a glass sliver in my finger. Ouch. Was also wor...

Cellular: Switching from Rogers to FIDO - Process Explanation

5 Dec 2020. I was looking for detailed information on the process of switching a cellular phone service from Rogers to FIDO and I couldn't find anything on the web. This is my first post here and it looks fairly similar to the Rogers Community.  At 1...

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Resolved! Android cyber-security list

Today I'd like to discuss security  cyberwar mining intrusion server hack is a daily battle. Don't expect any business app will keep you  safe cut paths and fields you sail  your own ship and are responsible for your owning data oh and that goes on y...

Scooby-Doo by I'm qualified level 1
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Resolved! Customer service on Messenger

Lots of complaints here that cannot be resolved without contacting customer service.  I just want to say that contacting Fido via Messenger is actually the best experience I've had with these kinds of situations.  I have used the service at least 10 ...

Amb21 by I'm helpful level 1
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Conference Calls

I searched Conference calls on Only found that my plan has it. HowToUseIt is on competition's website! Found here it's 5 callers max. Look at the Phone's booklet to find HowTo is poor advice, if it's lost, Please add the info to!  On...

UneSuzanne by I'm a participant level 2
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