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Security Tip

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Enable password protection and auto screen lock on your phone.

Our phones are small and always with us. This puts them at a high risk for loss and/or theft.

They also contain a near 100% digital replica of everything we consider private and personal. Emails, address book, photos, social media accounts, banking apps, travel apps, health apps, and the list goes on.

Losing a wallet probably means having to call 4-6 phone numbers to cancel/re-issue a few cards. Losing an unlocked phone is a nightmare.

Mobile operating systems offer so many different ways to lock your phone, there really isn't any excuse to not do it.

Depending on your phone you can lock it using:
Pattern swipes
Picture swipes (BlackBerry)
Facial recognition
And even your finger print !(when it the last time you forgot your finger print Smiley )

Just lock it Smiley



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