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Android cyber-security list

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Today I'd like to discuss security 


cyberwar mining intrusion server hack is a daily battle. 

Don't expect any business app will keep you  safe cut paths and fields you sail  your own ship and are responsible for your owning data oh and that goes on your machines devices  


 thanks for reporting spam and stepping up security.

If you dont  click an SMS link or any link unknown good. If you do there is probability of malware it is not so purely tangible your phone won't show initial signs at all. Just a simple backdoor opener and "sniffer" that is not necessarily detectable nor by  anti virus or anti malware program. Even AI security cant be detecting whatswhreal alone and can be deroute. Only a serie of routines processes scynchronized be you and combined cooperating software keys can sustain some form of hack. 


Imagine ...These little parisites agents  propagate or go sleep hide on bare metal if you have more than one device syncing or accesses it could spread once it learn more of you and PAM!. 


List of security tips: (please fill free to add)

Some basic stuff...


  1. Clear your cache daily
  2. scan with to date antivirus your device regulary.
  3. Enable  autoscan on realtime.
  4. Do not download apps out of anywhere else than Google play & Use google protect
  5. sandbox contain apps I.e. instant apps
  6. Lower apps permission levels to minimal.
  7. Keep essantial trusted apps uptodate. For other apps if not sandboxed look comments before updating and delay update 10 days once updated reverify permissions and testrun.
  8. Disallow apps running in background. 
  9. Close your phone at night.
  10. Deactivate auto network access when screen off.
  11. Don't install banking apps use a browser 
  12. Use autosave password the typing is less secure easier detectable.
  13. Change your complex passwords often (once per month).
  14. Use a VPN service
  15.  Get latest news on cybersecurity I recommend Cybrary
  16. Get bold ask disclosure about app level version and what Enterprise do for securing apps and your data within. Especially before if they want to monitor their app or network running on your device.




I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

Awesome tips Scoopy Do.

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Thanks for the tips, Scooby-Doo! 


Everyone on the Community will definitely appreciate it!