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Saving emails on a phone that doesn't have that option

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

I have a ZTE Axon and to my dismay, the built-in email program doesn't allow saving email messages (only attachments can be saved) to the device, unlike the Galazy S3 mini I had before.  After asking all manner of tech help folks at ZTE and Axon and coming up "empty" ("it's the way the phone is designed" or "Maybe when Thunderbird developes a version for Android"), I realized that there's a simple work-around.  If you save a message as a draft, it stays in the Draft folder for ever.  So if you have a message you want to be able to refer to, you can forward it to yourself but instead of hitting "send" you hit "save draft." Obvious, once you think about it.


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@MaxineKL What email app are you using? I always use the gmail app for all my email you can tell it how many days you want to sync emails for and once the emails are sync to the phone I can open and read them with out a data connection. 

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1

Thanks for your Syncing idea; it's useful to know about, but I find it more complicated than what I've started doing.  i.e., when I send the message I want to save to myself but save it as a draft instead of actually sending it, it stays in "drafts" in the generic email program that came with the Axon - apparently for ever until deleted or mailed.  So this is the best solution for me.  My apologies for taking so long to respond.  When I get an email from Fido saying I have a response to a question, clicking on "join the conversation" takes me to the response, but when I hit "reply" I'm redirected to "My account" - this happens on my phone and on my laptop, using two different browsers.  I only was able to respond to you by searching for key words in my original post - and NOT using the email that Fido sent.

@MaxineKL it takes you to my account because its the default landing page when you login to Fido, I've reported it to them to change it so when you login to the community you stay on the page thet you are browsing. It's annoying being redirected to the my account page everytime I login.


The Gmail app works the same way I think all the email apps works the same way  if you compose an email and do not hit send it will stay in your drafts until you send or delete it.