How to keep your battery healthy.

How to keep your battery healthy.

How to keep your battery healthy.

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How to keep your battery healthy.

A simple few steps will help keep your battery healthy:
1. Make sure to use out your battery life everyday, don't plug it in at 60% and keep charging it over and over.
Use the full battery up then charge it, over time it makes your battery last longer.
2. Invest in a good battery charging app, these apps monitor the health of your battery plus gives you tips on how to save even more battery tips.
3. Some of these tips are: turning down brightness, your location, and wifi, even closing down running apps that you didn't even know you were using.
4. Turn your phone off when you recharge your phone, it charges faster.



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Thank you for the helpful info.

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# 1 doesn't apply to modern batteries. You can charge your phone when it's at 80% each day and it will not shorten battery life.

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Here is my list of best battery practices backed by Battery University's article. Link:

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North of 40%

Will have to Try That