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Customer service on Messenger

I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

Lots of complaints here that cannot be resolved without contacting customer service. 


I just want to say that contacting Fido via Messenger is actually the best experience I've had with these kinds of situations. 


I have used the service at least 10 times since it has been available and I wish other companies would do the same. I have not had to call customer service for a long time. My concerns are always addressed and I am super satisfied with the service.


Seriously, give it a try. 


I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

i wish i could say the same waiting for 5 hours  still dealing with same issues i had a deal to set up a new line was charged twice for a new line now then told sim.card would come in mail never came waited hours again on here to be told go get a sim card from store and they would cancel one line. Now both lines are canceled i have a sim but need to register it and have already been charged for an entire month but do not have pgone set up 5 hours to get one reply thank you for your patience ridiculous so many other companies with better service 

Hey @CherylF1979


I am sorry to see you've had this kind of experience, it is not the kind of thing we want for any of our customers! Can you update us on if you were able to get this sorted out? Was your new SIM activated? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks for sharing your positive feedback @Amb21 Smiley