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some incoming call goes directly to voicemail

I'm a Participant Level 2
I'm a Participant Level 2

Recently I been getting unknown calls that goes directly to a voicemail. There is no message when I listened to my voicemail.  My phone is on and there is no problem recieiving other incoming calls.  When  i get the voice message, there is no missed call. I checked my phone, I can rec'd all incoming call.


Anyone know how it possible that I can rec'd call from others and it would get voice message with no missed call and nothing on the voice message, just hang up. 



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I'm a Participant Level 3
I'm a Participant Level 3

So this could be a problem I have had. There are telemarketers and scam calls that are using new software that bypass the phone and go directly to your voicemail.i have been having offline discussion with Fido. Sometimes the numbers show are random numbers and the phone will ring. Calling back does no good as many are unused numbers and some belong to other people. It all end up with voicemails left in Chinese. The one person I did reach denied calling me and said they have had many calls from people with the same story. The lady I spoke to was with Telus mobility who explained what these people are doing, random calls, some of which will bypass your phone and go to voicemail. Telus said it’s sophisticated software they couldn’t stop. I cannot confirm any of this except to say I too today had another msg in my voicemail, same recording as always in Chinese, I cannot understand it so can’t do much. I have reported to the CRTC 

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Senior MVP

Hello Mc81,


  Welcome to the community!


  Since you are able to receive other calls, your phone likely has adequate signal. What phone do you have? Some phones have the option to block or reject calls. More specifically, many Samsung phones have the option to reject calls from Unknown numbers. Some other phones may also be able to block unknown numbers as well. With Samsung phones, the setting can be found: Call settings --> Call --> Call Rejection --> Auto Reject List --> Unknown.


  If this setting is enabled, the phone will remain silent with calls without a number identification. Once the call rings through (covertly), it will then be sent to voicemail. My personal experience is that most unknown calls are robo-calls or spam. If they do not reach a live person, they will move on to the next number. That is, they rarely leave messages.


  If rejecting unknown numbers is the reason, your phone will not show a missed call because the call wasn't technically missed, it was rejected. Depending on your phone, it may or may not show rejected calls. My S5 will show rejected calls from numbers I specifically blocked. On the other hand, it will not show rejected unknown calls.


Hope this helps Smiley