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hotspot on iphone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Fido is  limiting service provided by Apple on Iphone with 4.3 software without any reason but money.

I have 500 MB per month with my monthly plan and I was using my data as I want. I tether with my Nokia 5800 and MBP without any problem. When I tried to set up Hotspot on wife's Iphone after updating software to 4.3 I found that I need to have 1GB of data for some  unknown reason and I have to enable tethering as well.

Why I can use my data the way I want on one device and can not on another? 

If I have 500 Mb included in my Iphone plan then I can not use new feature released by Apple!!! Not FIDO!!! and I forced by Fido to purchase more data in order to use it. I think that this is against my rights as a customer. They change the agreement between FIDO and customer after contract is signed !

If we all say that we do not agree FIDO will have to do something with it!



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Fido Employee
Fido Employee

Hey everyone!

Although this thread quite old, I'd like to update it since I came across it. Most of our newest plan will give you access to tethering. As long as your data overage is charged by specific threshold, you should be able to tether with the phone (i.e 5$ per extra slice of 100 mb). Of course, if you have any doubt about your actual plan, just contact us via Twitter or Facebook and we will look it up for you J

Hope it helps!

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I agree, it's ridiculous if I can't use the data i bought how i want. From what I could tell this was a policy change 6 months ago mean there is NO TECHNICAL reason why we can't tether with a 500 mb plan.


The proper solution would be the disable 500 mb plan tethers, when a customer calls in they should be able to disable the setting and run any risks of over charge they wish. Not pay more money to fix something that fido management broke.

Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hi there ,


Tethering can use substantially more data then browsing the mobile internet on your smartphone as you will be viewing more graphic intense pages on your laptop and likely downloading/uploading larger files. Fido has concluded that customers tethering with anything less than 1GB would be at higher risk of going over their allotted data amount, and thus generating over usage charges.