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No Connectivity with iPhone 4S Hotspot // Tethering

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I can't get any data to move through the hotspot.

I can sucessfully have my ipad connect to my iphones personal hotspot, the phone says 'Personal Hotspot: 1 Connection'


I've spoken to apple about this, and they tell me that the hotspot functionality of the phone hasn't been turned on. I've talked to Fido about this, and they say 'talk to apple'.


When connected to the hotspot, I have an IP on the ipad:, with gateway, DNS'

When opening a page in safari I just get timeout errors

I've tried connecting laptops to the hotspot, says I'm sucessfully connected on the phone, but still, no data is getting through.


The ipad works fine on other wifi networks, and the 3g data works fine on the phone. When I connect the ipad to the phone through bluetooth, still, no data gets through.


I have a 6GB/mo package, just for the hotspot functionality, so as you can imagine, I'm getting pretty frustrated!





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I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Oh I suppose I should add that this was a factory unlocked phone I purchased directly through Apple

I'm an expert level 2
I'm an expert level 2

Call Fido again and they them double check and tripple check that you have tethering enabled on your account. Also see if they can push the carrier file down to you phone again. Then reboot and try again.

Hey everyone!


I know this is a pretty old thread but I thought I would provide some updated information in case anyone came across this in the future. :smileyhappy:


It is no longer necessary to have tethering or mobile Hotspot enabled in your account and there is no longer any minimum data allotment required.


For all plans released on or after August 3rd, 2011, which bill data overusage per increment of a specific amount of data that you go over your allotted usage (For example, $5/100 MB or $10/GB, the overusage rate is dependent on which plan you are subscribed to), tethering is enabled automatically. 


Hope this helps! 

Hey @Community Smiley

I know this thread was posted a long time ago.

But I thought it would be good to update the information on this one concerning the tethering requirements.


This requires:



  • A plan or add-on with a minimum of 1 GB of data; or
  • A plan with an Additional Data Allowance of $5 for 100 MB or $5 for 500 MB (plans as of August 3, 2011)

Hope this helps.