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galaxy 10e update this morning

Just a heads up that an update to Android 10 made it to my S10e along with a security patch ๐Ÿ‘


Community Manager (Retired)
Community Manager (Retired)

@Original_Lucy Awesome! Enjoying it so far?

It's definitely different, but in a good way. I'm trying to get used to gestures and the new all dark settings. To mention a couple of things. No led notifications though. Coming from BlackBerry with color coded notifications it is difficult to know when you have a message when in silent mode. I'm sure there's a solution that I will find. Otherwise, it is kind of fun discovering new things.

@Original_Lucy ,

Go to your Lock Screen settings and set your Always On Display to show always. I think by default it's set to double press your screen when it's off and it turns on for 30 seconds but set it to show always to always see all your notifications at a glance.

Thanks for the reply @danthemanx , I already have that set up. I wanted to have notification led light to let me know silently what the source of my messages are. Blue for text, red for gmail, etc. I was spoiled by BlackBerry notifications. I work in health care and have my device on silent, so if I get a purple notification light, I know I have a call that I should answer. I am using a beta version of an app called Holey light, which is ok, but not ideal. It uses the front facing camera to light up. Only lights when always on display is active. I'm going to be trying a bunch of them and will report back if I find the ideal one. Thanks again and Happy Solstice

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Bricked my LG G7 one...dont have a backup phone or any way to recover it. After the install it asked me to restart and when i pressed restart it just never came back on.

Hey @Satanspy,


This shouldn't happen! Have you tried a hard reset ? 


1.Press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons until the Android One logo appears on the screen. 
2.Keeping the Volume down button held down, release the Power button then immediately press and hold it again. 
3.Release the Volume down and Power buttons when the Factory data reset screen appears.