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any reason I can't hook up to Facebook today (on Samsung Galaxy Q/ android)?

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

I'm not sure if I'm not connecting, or if it's not loading.


I just got my new Samsung Galaxy Q (love it!) and been accessing FB and other sites (both 3G and wifi) with no problem for a few days now.  Today I can get to other sites no problem (3G, haven't used wifi today), but since early this morning I can't view FB.  It's not a problem with the FB account, since I can use it no problem on the computer.


I get the small spinning circle (NO idea what that's really called lol) that shows the connection is in progress (kinda like the hourglass on a computer).  Then it stops, but the page doesn't load, it's just a white screen. 


I hadn't noticed this till today: a thin green line near the location field that gets longer and longer, I presume a progress meter.  After noticing it that first time, since then I sometimes don't see it at all; once it went half-way and stopped; another time it zipped right across, but still nothing happened with the webpage.


I access FB as a website, not using an app.


OH! I just remembered, this evening I noticed that when it was trying to load, the icon for 3G was sometimes turning into "H" -- no idea what H is.



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I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

Ok, I'lve lost the edit function....


I've just noticed I can't get to ANY internet sites (except Fido, of course).


I guess it's a call to the CS in the morning....*sigh*.  New phone, new plan -- I hope there's no serious problem.

Hi there linsoo


I invite you to contact our Solution Center for a diagnosis your situation. 


You can reach us at 1888 481-3436. Please use a phone other than your Fido to reach us, for trouble shooting may be required.