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Tired of Fido Games & Lack of Support Iphone 4

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I got my Iphone in September of 2011. Since day 1 I have had problems. I even got my contract in some language like Thai.  I read and write only english. 


I drop 98% or my calls and in order for me to even have a 5 min conversation with my mother it requires me calling her back about 7 times. Its pretty bad when my mother who is nearly 50 makes fun of my phone.


So I called tech support. They did a reset of my phone where I have to turn it off for 5 min and then turn it back on. That didnt work.  So I called back. They told me to go to a fido store and they will run a few tests and try and figure out what the problem is.  So away I went. 


However upon arrival I was prompty assured that they do not have any programs that they could use to try and test my phone and I was told to go to the Apple store and that they would replace my phone. So away I went.


Upon finally getting an appoinment with Apple and taking a day off work I go there to find out that my phone is indeed working fine on their end and that it is Fidos problem. Its not the phone. So I was turned away with no help.


I called back to Fido Technical support and they told me that the Fido representative was mistaken and that they indeed do test phones for issues and what not. So I paid another visit to Fido. Once more I was told that there was nothing they can do as Apple only allowes certified Apple reps to look at the phone and blah blah blah. 


Back to Apple! Another appointment another lost day of work and after  3 resets Apple comcluded that it once again is not the phone and turned me away. At this point I wanted to throw the phone into 5:00 downtown traffic. 


I returned home and called the Fido Technical support again. The rep had the nerve to suggest that I just BUY A NEW PHONE. Despite the fact that I just signed a three year contract with Fido and that I put money upfront to get this phone I calmly told him what I thought of that idea. 


Keep in mind my roomate has an Iphone 4 and she is on a fido contract. She never has less then 4 bars. Her phone works perfectly. 


He then suggested that it may be the sim card and that I should try taking it out and putting it in her phone as the sim card can be outdated. Outdated? I just got the thing. Anyways, I did as he said and we swapped phones and lo an behold I still never got more then 2 bars on her phone and her sim card never got more then 2 bars on my phone.  


Still no solution. 


I called Fido Technical support and told them that it didnt work. At one point of the conversation the rep said "Ma'am.... Ma'am.... hello? Ma'am I cant hear you"... so I screamed into the phone "I KNOWWWWWW!" and hung up. I then called back and they told me to go to the fido store and that they will send my phone away for repair and that I could get a lonar phone for free because of my issues. 


So I go to the fido store where the kid once again assures me that Fido does not repair phones. Well not mine anyways. Only certain phones. He showed me the phones and they were cheap flip phones. For repair it is up to Apple to send it away. He even asked his coworker to "Back him up" on this. I was turned away.


I called back to Technical support and what a surprise they were closed. It was friday. I pay $100 a month for this device that does not work and for Fido support that seems to think I can take all these days off to figure out a problem that they cannot fix. 


It is now monday and this week I will be reviewing other service providers and putting my phone on kiijiji. Obviously Fido does NOT care about their customers enough to train their staff properly and get them synced with each other. It was a great dissapointment joining Fido and I would not reccoment it to anybody. 




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I'm an expert level 2
I'm an expert level 2

It is unfortunate that the CSR's gave you the run around but the staff at the Fido stores were correct that if it is a hardware problem then it is Apple that handles the warranty. I would suggest that you and your roommate vist the Apple store. While they may not have found a problem with your phone with their diagnostics, you should be able to demonstrate that your SIM works fine in her phone while her SIM (and yours) do not fix the problem in your phone. That should be enough for them to acknowledge the fault may be in the phone itself. I would expect they would give you an exchange. 


of course all of that assumes the problem will be reproducible while in the store.