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...and so, any thought on why that would be?  I can get wireless, but not 3g/4g/not sure which my phone uses.  On my old phone there were settings for the 2g and 3g. However, I don't even ANY-g mentioned in any of the help/settings.  I've restarted t...
I'm wondering if I can use this phone in the UK next year.   Thanks!     ***Edited to add labels***
Suddenly I can't view my entire contacts. I have a feeling i'm looking at either the phone or sd card, but I don't know how to figure out which I'm viewing (really, a simple toggle arrangement would be welcome). Anyway a frw days ago this happened an...
I was wondering if/how irc can be accessed from an Android phone (Samsung Galaxy Q).   I tried Mibbit (web-based) by going to the website as I normally do on a computer.  It all went well until trying to enter my text - I could type it into the field...
I'm not sure if I'm not connecting, or if it's not loading.   I just got my new Samsung Galaxy Q (love it!) and been accessing FB and other sites (both 3G and wifi) with no problem for a few days now.  Today I can get to other sites no problem (3G, h...
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