You broke our contract, so how do you deal with this?

You broke our contract, so how do you deal with this?

You broke our contract, so how do you deal with this?

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You broke our contract, so how do you deal with this?

Sold me an incomplete dud (You broke our contract) and I won't be paying anymore till you help. 

You can even use this letter as a official notice to the fact Fido/LG broke a contract with me.

Complaint, your product is (continisouly) defective..

(I really do not care about credit scores so any responce along that line will not bother me at all.)


Contacting you guys in a coorperate setting would be an asset, these tiny kiosks are just privetly frachised jokes..


When I got phone I as told I could play music. Like, Great..

Read the useless tiny generic manual and loaded it and enjoyed music, Great.

Month later after an unwanted unknown update I am now unable to see phone on OS tree. 

Now my PC is asking me for a disk? 

4 months I have been trying to figure this thing out while still paying just to get more and more pissed off.

Even though I should not have to I have tried just some of the hundreds of online complaint rememdies over this issue also to no avail. This should not be a problem on my end, it is your phones issue. 

This is a software issue not a hardware issue so no need to send phone in.

How about you guys ship that computer rquested disk that has all these drivers and programs on it. 

You know a magic, one I put in and after some computer noises i see files transfering. 

Exspecting us to go online and HUNT and LOAD drivers is a major online piss off..

I have alrady done my part and erned the monies I am paying you for so how about you guys live up to yours...



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Hello again,


  I understand your frustration, however, not paying or taking further action will likely get you even more frustrated. There was no breach of contract. Fido provides celluar phone and/or data services. Yes, Fido also sells phones. Unless I'm missing something, the phone is not defective. The phone's software was recently updated. As a result, you are no longer able to transfer files between your phone and computer. 


@Other wrote:


This is a software issue not a hardware issue so no need to send phone in.

How about you guys ship that computer rquested disk that has all these drivers and programs on it. 

You know a magic, one I put in and after some computer noises i see files transfering. 

Exspecting us to go online and HUNT and LOAD drivers is a major online piss off..


  Fido may have sold you the phone, however, the updates and software come from LG. You can try to request a disk from LG.


  Have you seen my response to your other post here? Simply switching your USB connection to MTP might help.


  Hope this helps Smiley



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The phone they sold me no longer does what it supposed to do, so yes the onus is on them.

Nowhere in the manual does it say the phone needs to be updated,

Box and or packaging did not say I needed to do updates.

Nowhere in any contract does it say I need to be a computer engineer every 2 months..

LG updates, Fido updates and app updates, before the reset everytime I look at the phone "update"

LG does not have a disk (for us) and they said its FIDO canada's problem.

MTP settings, really? I have tried all that. 


This has something todo with the fact the apps and softare is made on one OS system and then changes out in the real world. I have XP she has Win 7 and you have Windows 8 all different boards all different drivers requests.

Suggest PC Suit, lollipop and kitkat and they also have paculuer working enviorment requests. 

I am not a techie (nor should I need to be) but basically, too many varibles and they should of made and shipped a hard disk with all this driver hookus pookus JUST so I can plug and play.. 

Hey @Other


Thank you for taking the time and providing us all of this information. Can you tell us which OS version exactly you are now using on this phone?  We also just received your PM and we'll continue with you there to check out the best options. Smiley 

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Just checking in to see what was the new with my case.. 


Hey @Other.


We'll be glad to continue looking into this with you. Can you reply to our most recent PM? 

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The one here you suggest "other"? I did andI have been in limbo since, reason for the checkin.

That's strange, we sent you another PM last night. I'll send you one right now to take a closer look into this. 



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Device is a Canadian LG-D852 

SKU:    LGD852 


Android version 6.0

Patch 2016-07-01

Baseband version MPSS.DI.2.0.1.c1.13-00114-M8974AAAAANZM-1.43646.2

Kernal version 3.4.0

Build number MRA58K

software version D85230d



compatibility patch: 2147483647 

Smartworld version 5.2.9

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@Other You should not post the IMEI and Serial Number for your phone online. 

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Oh. I will see if I can edit. Thank you.  

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Hey there @Other


Thanks for reaching out!


I'd just like to clarify the situation if that's Ok Smiley Are you having issues listening to music on your LG phone, using a music application?


To be honest, I'm not quite sure I understand the ongoing issue exactly!


Could you kindly explain what application you're using, and what the issue is please?




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I picked this phone because from what I read and heard it as the best choice.

I got it, loaded it and enjoyed it alot.

When I would plug it in it would show up on the OS system tree like a drive, GREAT STUFF, perfect.


If you check my info you will see I hardly use it as a phone, just wanted a platform I could hear my music and show my pictures on. This problem all started with questable unwanted update that I could not reject and now I am no longer able to transfer anything and for four monthes now. It is now asking for a disk that there is no disk to give and its offering drivers..  Stupid me, fell for it. Again and Again.

Online help is all over the place as to the who and whys is at fault.


PC Suite does not work, Lollipop does not work, Kitkat does not work. 


The tiny generic manual does not cover this issue,

LG webpage is not helpful and they say it FIDOs problem.


I am using Windows XP (and no I do not want to upgrade nor should I have to) and the phone is a (Canadian) LG-D852 and I reside in Canada. 


BTB: This is not just amonst the LG users either Samsung are having simular issues. 


From what I have been able to daduce is that the phone is shipped out while on the manufactures OS details and it is when the carriers take over via updates it is messing with the phone functions. Apparently there are two factory resets and the one offered does not have the desired effect. I am not a techie and do not like messing with OS systems PC or LG alike so I have not gone as far. Nor should I have to? 


So as part of legal claim it was suggested I start a papertrail with my situation. Here we are today. 



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You know that microsoft does not support windows xp anymore? so when lg upgraded the software your computer that is windows xp won't reconize the new files. I'd say this is not lg's or fidos fault but microsofts and even then window xp is 15 year old I don't blame them to still support it.


   somewhere on the box of your lg phone it says supports windows vista and higher. so your options is to upgrade your operation system or find the files manually since microsoft won't automatically update your files anymore. 

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Are you running Windows XP (SP3)? Download and install "LG PC Suite" from the LG website. I found the following in less than 3 minutes from a quick Google search for "LG G3 Windows compatibility".


From the LG website:


Manage and play your media contents (music, movie, pictures) on your PC.
Send multimedia contents to your device.
Synchronizes data (schedules, contacts, bookmarks) in your device and PC.
Backup the applications in your device.
Update the software in your device.
Backup and restore the device.
Play multimedia contents of your PC from other device

OS: Windows XP 32bit (Service pack 3), Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
CPU: 1 GHz or higher
Memory: 512 MB RAM or higher
Graphics card: 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher and 32-bit colour
Hard disc: Storage of 500 MB or higher (Additional space may be required for data)
Required software: LG United Mobile driver, Windows Media Player 10 or later

To use the LG PC Suite, an LG mobile phone supporting it is required. Its detailed functions provided may also be different depending on the mobile phone model.
The existing PC Suite IV does not support Ice Cream Sandwich OS.
LG PC Suite do not provide the functions, managing contacts, calendar, and messages, that has been provided by LG PC Suite IV.

Hello Alex_DC,


  Other has noted that the LG PC Suite does not work anymore. I think the issue is that it used to work, but since the phone updated to Marshmallow, there are additional drivers etc that needed to be installed. So while the PC Suite might be compatible with XP(SP3), there are no new XP drivers available for connecting to a Marshmallow device. 





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So just when is Marshmellow making a patch to correct this situation, the one they created? 

Why did my phone need this unwanted forced unfinished untested programn to begin with???

I do not want nor need this marshmellow, I want it the way I bought it.. 

I am doing my part and paying my share for something am not enjoying. 

Nowhere in "OUR" contract does it say I need to be a computer engineer or I need this or that program or I need to live in a yellow house just to enjoy this product. 





Hello again,


  Marshmallow is the code name for the latest version of android (the phone's operating system) for the LG G3 D852. Unfortunately, there won't be any patches which can correct your situation and subsequent versions of android will not fix your issue. Your issue isn't a bug with Marshmallow, it just needs additional drivers which don't seem to be available for XP.


  I understand you did not wish for the update. However, it is not unreasonable for the manufacturer to periodically update their software. In fact, many customers are eagerly awaiting that particular update as well as its successor, Nougat.


  The only possible fix I can think of (without upgrading your computer) is to revert your phone's operating system back to an earlier version of android: KitKat or Lollipop. However, given your aversion to all this techie stuff, I don't think it would be something you could do yourself. Are there any phone repair shops in your vicinity you could take your phone? Most shops would have the know-how to flash an earlier version. You should note that doing so would void any remaining warranty as well as possibly rendering the phone unusable if not done properly. Additionally, it would erase all the information from your phone so you would need to back it up first. However, if done properly, the phone would be like when you first bought it. I personally cannot recommend flashing your phone to an earlier version of android. That said, the only other option I am aware of is to upgrade your computer.


  If you do revert your phone back to an earlier version of android, you would need to disable the automatic updates or else you'll just end up back where you don't want to be. 


Hope this helps Smiley



Hey @Other


I am sorry to see you're still experiencing issues with your device. It is important to keep in mind that the software updates are provided by the manufacturer while we offer you the mobile services. 


That being said we definitely want to do our best to help you with this, can you reply to our most recent PM so we can continue looking into some troubleshooting steps with you? 

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It appears the reason is because I am running an unvalidated copy of windows XP pro.

Since Marshmellow as written on in 7 or higher it will not load any Marshmellow programs onto my system.

So, the phone has already demonstrated that it does do what I originally purchased it to do for a whole month.

I was able to see my phone show up in the tree as a drive, perfect. 


Even though I should not have to,

What are what are the steps for getting what I originally had on the phone when we made the contract? 

What was the oringal platform titled? 


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Hey @Other , can you update us regarding our last PM Smiley


@Cawtau,we  could use tips here Smiley .