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Why can't FIDO provide Blackberry access to email, BBM and internet at the same time?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I used to have a Blackberry Tour for work under TELUS and I was able to use the phone, SMS, BBM, email and access the internet.


I obtained the exact same model for personal use and signed up with FIDO to get me through a transition from Canada to Dubai.  I was told that I could either access email/bbm or social networking/bbm but not both.  I was also told that I could not access the internet while on the email/bbm add on.  Why was telus able to do it?  Interesting that at the kiosk when I activated my phone I was told I could have a data plan too.  The internet search icon doesn't even appear on my menu.


Now that I'm in Dubai, I'm confused because my blackberry does not seem to be working....I can send/receive messages but not if the mobile number has the +1 in front of it....which for most country phone systems means to add the country code automatically.  It appears that things are working in Dubai when the country code being used for SMS starts with 011 (Canada's country code) the phone doing something automatically?


The voice doesn't work.  I tried calling a friend (in the same room) and I keep getting "The person is not available" even though his phone is one and he is standing next to me?  Is this a configuration issue or is it a network issue?  I tried another number as well and same message....


I'm relatively new to cell phone services and how they just trying to understand all the technicalities....


On a $100 prepaid phone card I've already used up about $70 and that's only for about 10 days of phone service!  Expensive!!

Any recommendations on what plan options I should change to now that I'm in Dubai?  


Thank you in advance!




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Hello Bex45, maybe the rep you spoke to was misunderstood?  Because from what I have been told, you can have one of 3 blackberry plans:  The Blackberry Personal e-mail (E-Mail/BBM), the BlackBerry Social Networking (IM/BBM), or the Blackberry Data (BBM, IM, Surf, E-mail, tether).  The latter plan is the more expensive add-on it starts at $25.  I'm sorry fido told you this was not possible, but it indeed is, I know because I am on this plan. and I know the other 2 plans exist because I've used them too.  Hope This Helps