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LG -Gossip Pro - No speaker Phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi all,

Hi got an LG Gossip Pro recently.  3 weeks after, i noticed that i missed a few calls.  The speaker phone was not playing any sound.  I tried  to play MP3, video from youtube, i played with sound settings, ringtones, alarm nothing came out.  So i went to fido and they sent my phone to their repair shop.  When it came back, the problem was solved but 2 days after, i lost the speaker again so i wasnt able to hear anything from it.  They told me that the repair shop did a firmware update...!?!?!.


Things that i could suspect are: plugin the earphone, uninstall applications or  games ,killing some application which take too much memory.


Does it happened to anybody ?  Do you have any suggestion ?


I went to fido and they will send it again to their repair shop.  They told me that i would have to call LG support myself to help me with this if it happen again.  I'm really not happy with this kind of services...


Thanks to the community for reading this and answer to frustration 😉





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Former Moderator
Former Moderator
Hello vesa25!

How is it going? Is the issue being looked into? Have you already gotten your phone back? If so, is the issue resolved?

Please let us know of the results. If you still require assistance, I am sure that someone in the community would like to help you with this!