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SMS Wrong Recipient - Texto mauvais destinataire

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Yesterday I received an SMS from recipient A at 8h21 am to which I replied.


The next day, I am told from recipient A that he never got the reply.


But recipient X tells me he received a weird reply from me. I check my SMS message and here is what I see.


  • SMS from Recipient D (10:00 am)
  • SMS from Recipient C (9:50 am)
  • SMS from Recipient B (9:20 am)
  • SMS from Recipient X (7:01 am) --- Received my reply sent to recipient A
  • SMS from Recipient A (8:21 am) --- He never received my reply


My first though was, I must have simply replied to the wrong person.


Then I realize, why is it that the message from 7:01 am is showing between 8:21 am and 9:20 am...


This is following a week where many clients told me that sometimes my phone doesn't ring, go to voicemail or picks up at all.


Or I am going crazy, or there is severe bugs on Fido's side.


I have the latest OS on my iPhone 4.



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Hi there cyrilac


The exact same thing happened to me that day. I have no idea how it's possible. I assumed it was a software glitch, but if it happened to you as well...  


I rebooted the phone and it hasn't happened since.  


Let us know if it happens again,