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Voice mail issues....

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Im trying to set up my voicemail for my fido account.

I have an iphone 4, and when i hit the voicemail button it brings me to the fido messaging speel, but heres my problem:


this is the message it tells me :

to retrieve your voice messages enter your ten digit fido phone number followed by pound..


i do so .. and then i get


that exention is not available.


it doesnt matter how may times i put in my number, it wont work . what am i doing wrong because as it stands now, im getting frustrated with fido and its voicemail





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it sounds like your telephone number may not be provisioned for voicemail, why not call up the CSR and have them look into your account and see if they can fix it or maybe u need a voicemail subscription?