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Very unhappy

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I am very very unhappy with the Fido customer service and definitely going to choose other service provider who at least don't cheat. 


Today my husband called and got a better Fido plan than I have. Both of our phones are unlocked and not planning to buy a new phone and been fido customer since 2.5 years. As my phone got unlocked and my husband got a good plan, I called the customer service to get the same plan. 


Just few days back I changed my plan to $40 per month which was confirmed to by the customer service rep. and after I called today, the rep. told I never got an offer of $40 but I have the plan of $45. I was shocked to know when he said, that the notes say that I never got this plan and he told me that the person who wrote the notes is correct and I am wrong. I told him that he has never heard my last call so he can't decide that the last rep. was correct and I am wrong. I asked him to escalate this issue to the manager as I have also worked in the call center and every call gets recorded. He was initially hesitant to do so but I told him now this call has to be listened to confirm. After 45 min, he told that the supervisor confirmed that I was told about $40 plan and the notes were wrong. The person was still rude on the call and he told the initial offer was for 12 months but now I can give you for only 6 months and later we will see if we can extend it. I was so pissed off that first of I was misguided, the person lied about the plan on the phone and wrote something else in the notes, I was judged by the other Rep. as a liar and then I get the plan but for only 6 months. I kept the phone and called the customer service representative thinking that someone better will come on the line to resolve my original question after spending almost 1.5 hours.


This time I spoke to the customer rep who told me that the plan that was offered to my husband was for someone with the new phone or new customer so she transferred my call to a manager because she couldn’t do anything about it. When I spoke to the manager , the way manger spoke, I felt he doesn’t care my concern. No empathy on call at all. (I have worked for a world known bank in the call center and have learned how important to be empathetic and caring) Here everything is exactly opposite. The manger told that he doesn’t know how my husband got this offer and he told that he got lucky to get this offer and he can directly told that he won’t apply the same offer to my account. Why ???????????????? No REASON. And at this point it was total 2.5 hours on the call and I was super angry.


Now comes the best part. I told my friend about this offer and asked him to call. So “ON THE SAME DAY” immediately he called the customer service and asked for this offer when his phone was also unlocked and was neither a new customer nor upgraded the phone. Can you believe that he got the same offer as my husband. So on the same day, my husband and my friend can get this offer but not me and there is no reason but they just “GOT LUCKY” … I can also provide both my husbands as well as my friends number and you can check. But is this how really business works ?



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey there @Rsaraf


Welcome to the Community Smiley


I'm sorry to hear about your recent experience. I can assure you that this is not the kind of service we wish to offer.


Our offers and promotions are also available online on In some cases conditions apply, though agents should be able to guide you and assit with the offers and promotions available for your line/account.


I understand that you're looking to have a specific offer applied to your line, could you perhaps clarify which offer you're referring to? Alternatively, you can reach out to us on these channels so we can review your situation once more. we can also send you a PM here if you prefer.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2



As you mentioned earlier, I am looking for the following plan which my husband and friend got : 


Monthly Charges : $45 

Discount : $10 , so total montly chanrges = $35

4 GB Data

1000 min India calling free



Hey @Rasaraf


The plan you're describing is a special offer we had for new activations and hardware upgrades during Black Friday weekend. It is not a plan offered for price plan changes. I understand you mentioned that you know people who got this offer without upgrading their phones, but that would have been a mistake made by the agent who made the offer. I'm sorry for the inconvenience.