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Upgrade phone pricing higher than advertised

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I am trying to upgrade my phone to the iPhone 11 online at the listed special price of $25.82.  I add on my chosen phone plan of $50, but in the final page before I confirm, the total price increases to $89 per month (not sure where this increase comes from and it's not listed in the cost breakdown). I am Very frustrated. I have been a long and loyal FIDO customer for many years, and I just want to upgrade my phone online to avoid the $40 set up fee. 
anyone else have this issue? 


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @Holly21,


That seems odd. To better have an understanding of what is happening here, can you confirm if you see a pricing breakdown on the "Cart Summary"? 


There should be a line by line breakdown of the charges on this page (not including taxes). You can then see the total price on the Checkout page including:

  • The cost of the monthly plan
  • The ''Pre-tax'' promotional credit or discount
  • The Subtotal
  • The appropriate taxes for your province
  • The Subtotal after taxes
  • The monthly installments for your phone 
  • The total monthly fee after discounts and taxes

It's important to note in this case that though the promotional bill credit advertised is for the cost of the phone, it is actually applied directly towards the monthly plan as it is a Pre-Tax discount. 


Once you've reviewed the Cart summary and Checkout pages, you can complete your order online which will indeed save you the $40 set-up fee. Smiley