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Unresolved issue

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I purchased a phone in october which was defected.  Was told to return the phone and that fido would send me a new one considering I had the phone for less than a week.  I returned and received the new device.  Now in December I recieved an email stating I had to disable the lock from the old device?  I contacted fido and spoke with a rep for over 1 hour to get told the following...1) I owe for the defected phone & 2) I have to contact Samsung to get help with "how to disable the lock" through samsung cloud.  I contact samsung and the gentleman there guides to only find out I DO NOT HAVE A CLOUD ACCOUNT...and also that this should NOT be fido's customers job to contact to get a lock taken off!!! I was then provided a ticket number from samsung.  I called back fido and spoke with another rep who I told my story all over again...he was trying to be helpful and trying to contact someone to help with this situation.  I held for 1hour and 13 minutes all over again to be disconnected so I call back and now the customer service department is closed.:pouting_face:..I work 12 hours a day and do not have time to deal with something 2 months later and to be on the phone from 630pm all the way to 930pm????  That is absolutely ridiculous!  I have been a customer for atleast 5 years and have purchased several phones...paid very high Bill's monthly to be treated like this?  Not to mention cell phone balances appear on a person's credit now I am showing over $500 from a phone that I do not have, that is in the hands of fido, that failed not to contact me over 30 days ago when they had recieved my defected device and have put me through hoops that are absolutely unnecessary and very terrible customer service.  I will take my business elsewhere if this situation  is not resolved!  I am not wasting anymore time being put on hold missing out on calls from family and enjoying deserved relaxation after working all day!  Very unhappy customer and before this I referred several people to fido...I will rethink this one. 



Hey @Christina11!


We definitely understand that this hasn't been an ideal situation, however it is very important that any device returned to us must be in the same state that you received it. This includes the removal of any passcodes or account locks. 


If it's returned and these aren't removed, we will send it back to you so it can be fixed and most of the time, it can be done remotely. If it's not corrected, you may be charged for the full device cost. . 


Has this situation been resolved now?