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UMA compatible Android

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

Does anyone know of any UMA compatible Android devices? (As in WiFi calling)



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Hi @WickyLeBlond,


This thread is quite old but I still thought it would be a good idea to update everyone. 


We have recently discontinued our UMA Wi-Fi calling and we sent messages to our customers who were still using the service (or who were still paying for the service). If they were paying for the service we have removed it from their account. 


Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) Wi-Fi calling allowed unlimited Canada-wide calling separate from the price plan calling options. It required a specialized Linksys router and compatible Nokia or BlackBerry device. It was phased out as it’s a legacy technology and no longer supported by in-market devices.


Check out this link to have information on Wi-Fi calling feature currently offered by Fido. 



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I don't think there is any Android phone that is compatible with the Fido UNO service.  T-Mobile in the US provides an app for most their phones that allows to break free from the towers when in range of a wifi.


Needless to say that this approach has many advantages, like having high quality coverage where it matters the most (home, office).


Since Fido and Rogers already own a working UMA backend, since that would allow to offload some traffic from the cell towers and since most of the Android kernel code exists and is available open source (through the Cyanogenmod project IE), what is Fido waiting for?