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Terrible phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Good afternoon,


I was previous long standing customer of Rogers, spanning over 20 years, however a few years ago I transferred my cellular service to Telus due to a plan I was being offered and Rogers could not match.


Earlier this year I came across a Fido offer, contacted customer service and signed up for a plan with a Motorola Edge Plus at a discount which was too good to pass up! The first phone I received had an issue with static on the line and was promptly exchanged for a new unit. I noticed that a lot of my calls have been dropping, however I thought maybe I just never paid attention to this in the past, but it began being very noticeable where calls were constantly being dropped during work conference calls. I reached out to Fido customer service on numerous occasions, and have followed all the steps including calling Motorola, who told me I needed to resolve this with Fido. Last week alone I spent 20+ hours on calls with Fido trying to get this resolved, again today I've already tried twice. I was on a call this morning, all the sound cut out for only me, I verified that none of the other participants had any issues. I had to drop off a very important conference call and dial back in, and this is not the first time.


I cannot being to tell you how important my phone is to me, I use is all day, everyday for work, mostly work, and I cannot keep having dropped calls during some very high profile meetings. I urgently need a resolution, I am currently on the phone with customer support, who now needs to transfer me to Level 1 support, I am not sure what that is but I'm tired of spending time behind this.


Please please please help me get this resolved, I need a handset that works, that is reliable and functional (always had Samsung in the past but took a chance with this Motorola based on your agent's reassurance that this was a great phone).


Please call me urgently, I need to get this resolved, I cannot live with a phone that is heavily relied upon but isn't functional half of my day.






Hey @MM79 , @Proac is right, try using wifi calling and see if that helps you out. I don't know what could be going on with your Motorola either. I just asked my friend if she was having any issues with hers, but I did activate the wifi calling for her when I set it up for her. She isn't having the same experience. I hope @Proac suggestions solve your issue. 

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

I don't have a solid answer for what might be going on with that Motorola but have you tried enabling WiFi calling? Perhaps that might be more reliable?