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Substantial Samsung Note4 crashes after software update

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (SM-N910W8) crashes, reboots and gets stuck in download mode after the last update.  The only solution so far has been a wake lock for android. I know for a fact that samsung has solved this problem in newer firmware updates but fido has been extremely slow and almost negligent in forwarding their version. 

If anyone else has experienced crashing Note 4 and an mmc read failed error, know that it's the software and not hardware. 

If anyone from fido is reading this, please push an OTA firmware update asap. This is the bare minimum you can do for complaining customers.  This is not an isolated issue. 



I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Just chatted with a samsung support representive on line.


I have a note 4 and I have experienced the same issue since the upgrade. It was getting worst over the time. Initially with the finger print reader, then temperature, battery issue, screen lock, now random reboot.


The samsung representive told me there was no report on this issue on record. I was very surprise to hear such response as I read on the internet from both US and canada with people complained about this issue after the upgrade.


He just gave me an impression to switch to a iphone.

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Senior MVP

Hello Joelgilani,


  Welcome to the community!


  I understand your frustration. However, you should note that the any updates need to be provided by the phone manufacturers, which are then forwarded to the mobile providers. If there are no updates from Samsung Canada, then there will be nothing Fido (or any other Canadian provider) to forward. As far as I am aware, the latest firmware for that device is N910W8VLS1DPK1 (see here).


  Additionally, are you sure an updated firmware would fix your issue? From the information you provided, it seems like it may be more of a hardware issue than a firmware issue. Many of the posts speak of replacing motherboards and other components. Furthermore, there seems to be a class action suit in the US claiming that Samsung failed to disclose that the embedded MultiMediaCard (eMMC) memory would prematurely fail, rendering the smartphones inoperable. (taken from here).


  I understand your title is also regarding the security updates. Samsung has decided to only provide the security updates for the last two years of devices (see here). I also understand the Note 4 is included in the list, however, it should be noted that those updates would be subject to regional availability as well. It would be Samsung Canada who decides whether those updates are forwarded to the Canadian mobile providers.


  Your best option would be to contact Samsung Canada directly with your concerns.


Hope this helps Smiley