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Sony Vivas Pro Problems

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I haven't been getting any text messages since sunday and thought everyone was ignoring me. But then I sent a message today and all the backed up messages appeared. Now my text messaging won't work and I can't phone anyone either! My phone keeps sending me a system error and when I went to restart my phone I couldn't remember my lock code, help!


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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello buchholzas,


Is the issue still ongoing?


If so, do you have any network connection (network bars)?


What is the error message that you get? As for the code, would it be the security code? If so, it would be 0000
unless you have changed it in the past. The default SIM code would be 3436 and the PUK code can be obtained by calling customer service.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Well one of them is whenever i press the red button to end talk it says:


Then it says System Error where you have to click ok.


Also it says

Messaging: Not Supported


But when I use my sim card in my old phone, I can text and do everything normally.

Hello again,


Have you tried to reset your phone to the factory settings? Documents, files and mailboxes are not affected by setting's reset.


To restore factory settings:
1- Select Menu > Settings > Phone > Phone management > Default settings > Yes.
2- Enter the lock code. The phone restarts.

To restore factory settings using the reset code:
1- To open the dialler, select .
2- Enter *#7780# and select Yes. The phone restarts.


You could also try to proceed with a Master Reset of you handset.


To make a Master Reset to delete user data and all settings:

1- Tap Dialler and enter *#7370#.

2- Tap Yes to restore all original phone settings.

3- Enter the lock code (0000 by default) and tap OK.

4- The phone restarts.

Note: When making a hard reset of all content, you may lose content that was in the phone when you purchased it.


Let us know how it goes!