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Samsung Galaxy A70 Screen completely frozen

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Strange bug seems to have appeared since monday. I press the power button and the screen appears where I can use my finger print to have access to my phone but my phone doesn't seem to sense my finger. I can't swipe to be able to enter my phone via pattern recognition and even holding on to the power button and trying to restart/shutoff my phone is impossible, it seems to just not recognize using my finger to swipe or tap on the screen


Even weirder is that once per day, it works fine! I'm able to open my phone like nothing's wrong but then after a few hours it does the same error.


I think it's related to a microsoft authenticator app I downloaded recently off of the app store for work since the bug appeared at the same time but I can't confirm or deny that is what is at the root of the issue



Hello @PotatoMashur911,


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I take it the authenticator app is used for work-related stuff? It should not cause a problem with your phone but it is still possible. 


You can try putting your phone in safe mode and see if it works, if it does then you know it's an app causing the problem and you can either start uninstalling apps one at a time until you find the app causing the problem or you can do a factory reset and set the phone up as new then install the app, see here on how to start the phone in safe mode.


If the device continues to have the problem it could be hardware related and you would need to have it repaired.