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SIM Card Replacement

I'm experienced level 2
I'm experienced level 2

How often do you replace your simcard? Is it a good idea to do it yearly?


I'm experienced level 1
I'm experienced level 1

i had to get new sim to use the VoLTE and WiFi calling on my s9+, so depends on your mobile phone (new phone needs new sim)

Senior MVP Senior MVP
Senior MVP

Hello Jlits,


  Generally, most people do not need to regularly replace SIMs. Obviously, if you change devices and it requires a different SIM size, you will have to change the SIM.


  When LTE was first introduced, the older SIMs did need to be upgraded to LTE-compatible SIMs. Perhaps when 5G becomes available, we might need to switch to 5G-compatible SIMs as well. Otherwise, there is no real reason to replace a SIM card unless the card itself is malfunctioning.


Hope this helps Smiley