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Roaming charges

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

My roaming data was turned off for the entire duration of a 12 day trip except for 1 day. Every day the message that I lost data connectivity because I had my roaming turned off popped up on my screen. Yet I got charged for days in which I have not made and received calls. It is not right and if tomorrow when I have a call back scheduled this issue is not resolved, I am ready to take my business elswhere after over a decade with Fido. Any ideas are welcome! 



Hey @YogaAlina, welcome to the community, Alex here! 


I can totally understand how getting unexpected additional charges on your bill can be frustrating and we certainly wouldn't want to see you leave. 


It's good to know that the daily Fido Roam fee can be triggered by other things as well. As you mentioned, using your data, making or answering a call will trigger it, but also sending text messages, downloading content from incoming text messages like pictures and videos (this might be done automatically depending on your device setting) and in some cases, WiFi calling. You should also know that roaming usage is based in eastern time. We have a page on our website here that answers most questions about Fido Roam so feel free to check it out.


I'm sure that our customer service will be able to figure this out with you on your callback and you can also contact us in many other ways, if you prefer, check it out here