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Recommendation on Samsung phones

I'm a contributor level 1
I'm a contributor level 1


Can someone let me know of a good Samsung phone, nothing too complicated just want a good camera, storage is important and also expandable options with sd card. Not too expensive.

Also what is the difference between the A & S series??

Thanks so much


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Senior MVP

Hello Princess1313,


  From some of your earlier posts, you did not like the A8 you owned. What were the specific issues you had with that device?


    Samsung's Galaxy S series or 'Super Smart', is their flagship-level model. On the other hand, Samsung's Galaxy A series or 'Alpha', is their mid-range model (see here and here). Generally, the S series would have better performance than the A series. Specifically for your concerns, the S series would be able to take better photos. That said, the A series should still be able to take very good photos. 


  Since the S series is their flagship-level model, they would also tend to be pricier than the A series. Recently, the S series FE or 'Fan Edition' models have become popular with some. The FE models tend to feature some of the same specifications from the top-level phones, but at lower cost (see here). They would be considered a higher-end mid-range model.


  I think most Samsung Galaxy models would have expandable memory via SD card.


  If the quality of photos is your greatest concern, you might consider a S series device. I also understand cost is a concern. You might consider a slightly older S series device as they would often be cheaper than the current line. Alternatively, you might also consider the FE models. While there may be some differences in the camera between the FE and standard S series, they would generally be better than the A series.


Hope this helps 😀