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Price discrepancy Google Pixel

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

At Costco today and noticed the Pixel is $300 cheaper for Rogers and Bell then with Fido. I checked out their plans and similar pricing to Fido so why the huge difference? Same applied To IPhones and Galaxy phones as well just not as obscene.



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@Proac prices vary when it comes to third party companies, they can have their own promo prices when it comes to devices. Fido is know for having more for the money when it comes to plans that's why the phones are usually more with Fido.

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

The Pixel is $67.99 on a Rogers plan and $367.99 on a subsidized Fido plan. I checked out Rogers pricing and it's competitive with Fidos. In fact I could argue that since Rogers offers shared data plans if you've got multiple lines Rogers can be cheaper then Fido. So like I said I'm a little bewildered by these differences.

@Proac i'm on Bell website to get the phone for $99 you need a 2-year term with a Premium Smartphone Plus plan. The details for such a plan is (Requires a minimum of 5 GB ($50/mo.) of data per account plus a minimum of $75/mo. per user.) and that's the minimum, so that's $125/month.