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Pixel5 Order Got Delayed/Cancelled Involuntarily

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Today is Feb. 13, 2021. Early in the morning, when the delivery guy from Purolator ringed my door bell, I knew my black Friday gift finally arrived. All the issues should be resolved as I wished, but it seems that this is the start of the nightmare. Here is my story,

Nov. 15, 2020, I ordered a Pixel 5 from Fido for its Blackfriday deal, 35$ plan with 4GB+3GB Bonus plan, -19.59$ discount on Pixel5 payment for 24months, 100$ bill credit on the first bill, 45$ setup fee waived. The confirmation email was sent to me few minutes after I submitted the order.

To be honest, it is a pretty good deal at the time. so I did order a LG velvet for my daughter. Few days later I received LG velvet first, so I called fido service to port my daughter’s number. of course when I mentioned my order of Pixel 5, the agent asked me to wait, and everything should be ready soon.

On Dec. 8, I received another email from Fido mentioning the order would be shipped in next 2-3 weeks.

Pixel 5 is a hot phone. It is understandable that if the delivery was late, so I waited, same as my friend Rob. Time passed fast, I finally heard about that Google is ready to ship Pixel 5, so Rob called fido first, and the agent told him that his order has been cancelled, but they will recreated the order. Certainly, he shared me his news. BTW, he called at Feb. 9 and he received his phone on Feb. 11, 2021 when the the issue has been resolved completely. He got the same deal as black Friday deal.

However, this is not my case. On Feb. 10, I make my first call, the call takes around 3 hours. The agent was nice and I have to say I was happy at the end of the call. The information may be concluded as the following,
(1) It is confirmed that my order was sent on Nov 25, 2020, but it was cancelled 30 minutes later by the system.
(2) It was a mistake from Fido because Fido has several systems and they are not in sync
(3) In order to resolve the issue, the agent (Use NN for the rest) offer me a new plan that may work the same. The goal is to have a plan of 63.24$(after tax) after applying all promotions, but I will have to call back to apply all the promotions( If I know what happen at the end, I will not agree with) . NN told me that there will be 143$ credits promotion in the current promotion. and 5$/month discount on the 40$ plan discount, after I call back, I will get another 10$+5$/mon . At the end I will get something less than 65$, also I may have have 10GB of data.

Today, like I mentioned at the beginning, I am so happy when I received the FIDO delivery. Very soon, I realized that the piece of Pixel 5 is defected. Only the power button is working, touch screen doesn’t response at all. This doesn’t seem to be a big deal because the piece can be replaced. My task is to
(1) Get all the discounts to apply to my account;
(2) Ask to replace the defected piece;
(3) Port my number.

However, after another 2.x hours talking with another agent and later a supervisor. At the end, what I have is “we don’t have a solution for you, but we may help you to cancel the order”. Basically, I have no choice, but to cancel the order. I insist in getting a similar black deal, but the supervisor said he couldn’t (noted that my friend Rob got the deal) but to cancel the order. After finish the call, I realized there might be another trick, so I call beck to confirm if the cancellation is only for the line or for the phone, the agent asked me to call back to confirm to cancel the line. Also, I realized that didn’t mentioned that the piece I received is defected in that ticket. I hope I won’t be billed if someone notice the defected piece.

I am very tired now. What??????? OMG………..but I have share with you this. 



Hey @Ralice! Philippe here. I hope you're feeling well. Smiley


I'm sad to read about your experience. That's certainly not the way we want you to feel when getting a new phone!


We'll be happy to review all that via community PM, if you wish, to see if we can help you out. Just let us know.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Thanks for the reply, Philippe.


I do really want the phone, but I cannot take a deal that was worse than I was offered at the first place. This is not just about the money because I know someone close who had the exact same situation resolved 3 days ago. It is unfair.


Right now, I am still holding the defected phone waiting for the returning label. Let me know what to do if you can help.



Hi @Ralice


PM coming your way in just a bit! Speak soon. 

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I replied to the private message sent to me a while ago and still waiting for the response.

Hi again, @Ralice


I responded to your PM. Please note that some delay between messages is perfectly normal. 


Thanks for your understanding.