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Phone problems, can I get a replace?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I got the LG Optimus L7 back in November 2012 on a 2 year contract but recently, the phone has been acting up quite a lot. The phone would sometimes lag after closing an application and it would just restart by itself. There are also problems with texting. When I try typing my message, the words don't appear in the text box. Even when I close the texting app and open it again, the words sometimes still don't appear. Also, when I am browsing through my photos and zoom in to a picture, the phone would flash and the picture would zoom back it out, which gets very frustrating. Overall, the phone is very laggy too. Would I be able to go to a Fido store and ask for a replacement or do these criterias not meet the standards to get a replacement? I also signed onto the contract at a Best Buy store and got the phone there, so would I have to go back to a Best Buy location and ask or directly to a Fido store? Thanks in advance!



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I'm experienced level 2
I'm experienced level 2
Hello aluong25,

Sorry to hear of the phone difficulties that you are experiencing. Because you purchased the phone in November of 2012 you are within the 1yr manufacturer warranty. You can take the phone to any Fido Corporate store and they will send the phone out to LG to be repaired for you.
Please note that the warranty does not cover any physical or liquid damage. If the phone is suspected to be physically damaged the store will charge you $25 to send the phone out. If it is found that the phone is NOT physically damaged then the store will give the $25 back, if it is found to be damaged then you do not get that money refunded.
You also have the option to take a loaner phone from Fido during the time in which your device is away. If you chose to do this you must leave a deposit of $50. The deposit is returned to you when you return the loaner phone in the same condition as it was given to you.