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Phone is suspended and monthly fees continue to be charged !

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

My FIDO phone account was suspended over a year ago at suggestion of FIDO rep, after we told FIDO of our financial difficulty due to being on extended sick leave due to PTSD. We were told, suspension meant time to reduce my bill over time, but that I would have to pay late fees and interest which was OK. Told that the monthly fees would not be charged so we agreed, and over the past 12 months made paymenst to reduce not only the $1,200 bill outstanding at the time of suspension but also over $550.00 in late fees. Now I discover that I still owe over $700.00 because the monthly fees were not suspended !  What gives FIDO, don't tell me the rep who spoke to me was not authorized to suspend the monthy fee, she is a FIDO rep and is FIDO.  Never received a letter either from FIDO confirming the suspension of service, only thing that happened was phones would not work for text or talk.  Feel that denying service, yet charging for service use must be illegal.  I am still being treated for my PTSD so every penny counts.



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Sorry to hear about your situation, in this case, it would be best to contact customer service and they can look at the account to better help you.

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I do not feel they are being honest or even care. We spoke on March 16th,2021, and we sent two emails as well to the "Office of the President" along wit  speadsheet to faciitate understanding and I am still awaiting a response.  How can they do this, never got a letter that the phone was suspended with the conditions, following my conversation with the FIDO rep in January 2020. I thought we had an arrangement that allowed us to pay off what was owed, plus late fees, but not the monthly phone fees.  In fact we overpaid and they are still claining I owe money to them. Never got copy of the contract when phones were purchased outright either.  I guess my only recourse if we don't get an answer soon will be the CRTC, GOpublic and my social media account. 

Hello @HM13


Sorry to hear what happened, it's not the experience we want for any of our customers.

I'm sending you a PM to verify what was discussed so far.


Talk to you soon.