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Phone Price Difference Between Fido And Samsung

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Why retail price of phone more than manufacture samsung canada ?

I am talking about note 20 ultra 5G

Price higher of diffrent provider , samsung store give 1820$  plus tax same as freedom mobile but fido retail price 2250$ plus tax ? Why ?

Fido put higher price after give promotion and some benfit  but you see price after all credit and promotion higher than samsung or diffrent provider .



I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Phone price in canada same to all provider but fido shows note 20 ultra 5g higher , more than 500$ expensive ..customer service at fido no good , they can not make any deal as jan 6 to right now

Hello Tehrooon,


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@Tehrooon wrote:...Phone price in canada same to all provider but fido shows note 20 ultra 5g higher...

 Unfortunately, that statement is not entirely correct. Firstly you should note that one of the reasons the device offerings from providers is not the same as direct from manufacturer is because they have different suppliers. If I remember correctly, I believe Bell and Rogers (and their subsidiaries) have the same supplier while Telus and its subsidiary have their own supplier. That's why the outright cost for that device is the same from Bell, Virgin Mobile, and Rogers. You should also note that the outright cost for that device is similar from Telus and Koodo.


  You should further note that the different financing options might not be directly comparable as the Big 3 tend to advertise their lease options. That is, those offers often appear cheaper because you are require to return the device at the end of the term. At the end of the contract, you are able to pay the buy-out cost for the phone. In the end, the overall costs for the devices would tend to be similar.


  The exception would be Freedom. They appear to have their own supplier and they also appear to utilise both a Tab and subsidy model for their device offerings. However, their service offerings are not directly comparable since they are a regional provider.


  The different providers offer different options for providing customers new high-cost devices. When comparing the different offers, it's important to make sure you're comparing similar offers. It's very unlikely that any mobile provider will offer a particular device at a significantly different cost than the other providers. It would be personal preference as to which option (ie financed, tab, lease, etc) suits them best.


  As FidoPierre mentioned, you are able to purchase the device direct from manufacturer. You should note that the financing on their website is based on 36 monthly installments rather than 24 months from the providers.


Hope this helps 😀




Hope this helps

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Former Moderator

Hey @Tehrooon


The prices can vary from time to time between the manufacturer at full price and carrier. As a service provider we set our own prices. Our prices also reflect the added benefits of being able to finance the device throughout multiple smaller payments directly on your invoice! We regularly also offer promotional offers on the financing amounts which help reduce the overall cost. 


You also have the option of purchasing the phone at full price with the manufacturer and using it with a BYOP plan to pay less each month on your bill if you prefer. You can check out more details about our Bring Your Own Phone plans here.