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Pathetic company

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I just wanted to say that this company is a scam and its customer service is pathetic. I signed a two year contract and they gave me a pathetic faulty phone device huawei P30 Lite. When I have tried to call their miserable pathetic customer service line who have no idea what to talk about or how to help the customets they asked to send the device for repair while their store which I was referred to hand over the phone for repair have refused to give me a backup phone in the middle of pandemic. Never ever again will I ever use fido and who so ever reads it message stay away from Fido. I will also be filing a complain to crtc



Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @07altafm, welcome to the Community and thank you for sharing your experience with us FidoPhilippe_0-1602010439791.png


We are sad to read that your phone is having some trouble. When this happens, we want to offer our customers quick and simple solutions to get it fixed and this is why we offer repairs through our stores. As long as there's no physical or water damage then the phone is covered by the manufacturer's warranty and our stores send it out for repair. In many cases, they can even offer a loaner phone if they have them in stock.


I understand that the store you went to didn't have a loaner phone to provide you with and I know this isn't ideal. Have you by any chance had the chance to check out other stores?


You can do that by visiting our store locator and selecting "wireless" and then "fix my phone" from the options up top. Those are the stores that handle repairs and you can call them ahead of time to ensure they have a loaner phone available.


I hope that info helps!