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One-Time Fee for Hardware Upgrade

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi Fido,


I am genuinely dissapointed in your website and customer service this time around.


Prior to June 2, 2018, I have 2 lines BYOP Post-paid plans with you.  I was happy to see that you had great promotions and offers for loyal customers that include change to sevice plans and device upgrade options.


Hoping to take advantage of the fee-waiving option as per the website listed below respecting your Administrative Fee Charges, I had tried to upgrade through my Account online mutilple times, but evertytime when I click to check out, your webpage would show somthing is wrong and ask I to call Fido or visit a store.


So I visited a shop in June 2 and upgraded the plans and devices on my existing lines.  I looked at my invoice and noticed I was charged $30.00 per line before tax for upgrading devices and changed plans for my existing lines. 


I called the 611 customer service afterwards and was told that the Hardware Upgrade Fee cannot be waive.  The service representative told me that regardless if I upgraded online or in a shop or over the phone, I have to pay that $30 per line anyway, which contradicts to what your website says.


I spend close to 20 minutes on the phone with the service rep and ask her where I can go find policy that says I have to pay even if I were to upgrade online, and she could not direct me to the proper pages to show such policy.  I also explained that I had tried to upgrade online but the website was faulty, hence I had to go visit a shop for the upgrade. 


Can clarify for me on what exactly your policy is?



Hey @sunnyhsu,


We'd like to take a look at that with you. Please send us a PM and we'll start right away. Smiley

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Social Media Customer Service Team was able to provide answers to my satisfaction via private messaging communication.


Issue has been resolved.


Thank you Angel