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Not received order confirmation mail. Not sure if order went through

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

Hi, I ordered a new phone with a plan online (new line) today(sunday) but I am not sure if the order went through. I don't see any thing added to my fido account. I did not receive any confirmation mail as yet. Could you please confirm if my order got placed or not. Thanks 


I'm helpful level 1
I'm helpful level 1

"contact customer service'" 🤣🤣 What customer service??

I ordered my new phone Monday, received the email confirmation but never received shipping confirmation (nor the phone). I have spent (wasted) 2 hours attempting to get thru to 'jack' or anybody else and (1) jack ends the chat session or (2) the call disconnects!.

Not quite sure what happened to Fido but I may have to go back to Bell. And their CSR were why I came to Fido!


Hey @JohnF1444! Philippe here. Happy new year. Smiley


I can totally understand your frustration there and do apologise for you experience in trying to reach us.


Were you able to contact someone since your post? If not, you can request a PM from the community and we'll be happy to assist you.


Hello @bharti1,


Welcome to the community!


You should get the email once the order has been processed, you can also check your junk/spam folder to make sure the email did not go there.


If you need to check the status of the order you will need to contact customer service directly.