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No 4G Data: (

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Hi there! I hope that you are all having a nice day!


Today my data suddenly showed 3G instead of 4G. I've contacted live chats & telephone support several times and a coupe of restarts had been done, which did not solve the issue. I did everything I possibly could: Restart the network setting, check the APN, restart the phone, check if there is any updated that I haven't do, take the sim card out and put it back in, etc. And I haven't reach my data limit as a side note.


The tech seemed to be lost as well and they asked me o test the SIM card on another device to rule out the possibility. Now I am waiting to borrow a device from my friend or get a sim card adapter before I am able to test it on my old phone.


The strange thing is I just went to the mall near me which I found I was able to get well-functioning 4G there! I was at first very happy and thought maybe my 4G was back, but once I walked out the mall the signal turned back to 3G:/ So I walked back to the mall and it seemed like I got 4G again!


I am feeling pretty lost now so I just post there while I am waiting for being able to test on another device...Wondering anyone experiencing similar issues? If that is relevant my phone model is Huawei P30, and I've been using this phone since 2019 and it is the first time for me to have this issue: (


Have a nice evening!



Hey @ArebesqueX!  That does sound strange.


Are you still experiencing this issue, and did you have a chance to test your SIM card in a different phone yet?