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Line flexibility for phone being paid off under Payment Program?

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I'm thinking of buying a new phone under my plan using the Payment Program.  I will give my old phone to my kid.  


If I decide that I prefer my old phone, can I give the new phone (that I will continue to pay for under the Payment Program) to my kid and continue with my old phone?  


The way I read the Payment Program is that as long as I continue to pay the montly I can do what I want with the Payment Plan device and use a different device for the line.   Is this the correct interpretation? 



Hi @dog_ , I believe that is correct. Once you buy the phone and continue to pay for it, it's up to you if you or your "kid" will use it. Shouldn't be an issue as you are committing to paying for it. Hope you like whichever device you choose. Cheers