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Incorrect pricing in agreement - Upgrade of phone

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1
This is to notify you about the incorrect details in the attached email. I recently purchased a new phone - iphone 14 - 128 GB. As per the offer in my Fido app - $154 down and then $25/month. This included the promotional $15 monthly credit that was offered to me. Based upon this the TCO for me was scheduled to be - (25*24) + 154 = $770.
However, I decided to put more down payment towards the phone and reduce the subsequent monthly payment. This payment was made at the Best Buy store already. 
This was approved by the Best Buy executive in consultation with Fido rep over the phone. The whole process took over 2 hours over the call at teh Best buy store today afternoon. I decided to put $394 upfront. I was told that my monthly payment would now be $15.70 for 24 months. Ths was in-line with the original plan that I could see over my Fido app at the time. 
(15.7*24) + 394 = $770
However, based upon what i can see with the attachments below - it seems like this has not been reflected on Fido's end. Can we please edit the below to reflect the agreed payments. Could i please be connected with the billing team so that the correct details can be added.


Hello @akhil2709 


We received your PM concerning this. Talk to you soon.