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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Am I the only one having these serious problems with LG phones?


I couldn't use the G3 for a considerable length of time, and my contacts were locked in there.


After a few months, figured out that it is an overheating issue (seems as though 3 processors are stacked). Opened and made some adjustments. It worked enough for me to get the contacts.


Just as it starts working the G6 which is only months old, has a charging port problem.  It is another common G6 problem apparently.


From the start though, the phone screen freezes with an orange border on the screen if I type a bit fast.


The one that I was first sent from Fido had the same problem, which progressed to worse in a few days.


I thought that it was normal for the phone. That, plus the fact that the G3 was already showing signs of trouble, and no offer of replacement from Fido, when mentioned, is what made me just keep this second G6 that arrived.


But now, on consideration, I just think it is the cell phone products of LG.


Never anything close to these problems with the other brands.


Anybody else have anything like these with LG or any other?


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey @sd4a00gmail


Welcome to the Community Very_Happy 


Thank you for sharing your experience with us!


Are you still experiencing issues with your device at this time? 


Let us know!