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LG Nexus 4...prices

I'm qualified level 1
I'm qualified level 1

I must be missing something. Google sells the LG Nexus 4 sim free unlocked for $199. Fido lists it at $425 with no contract. Am I missing something? Where does Fido get off attempting to gouge customers more then double the price of this handset?



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I'm experienced level 3
I'm experienced level 3

Fido paid a lot more than $199 for the Nexus phones, so just because Google decides to have a sudden fire-sale to get rid of leftover stock doesn't mean Fido should take a loss on their own devices. Besides, you can't get a Nexus 4 from Google...they sold out almost immediately, so what's the problem? It's free on contract from Fido anyways lol.


Google's regular price is $360 plus shipping for the 16GB Nexus 4, so THAT is what you should be comparing the price to. 


I'm qualified level 3
I'm qualified level 3

Consider the $199 price is an 'end of life' sale. Other retailers pulls out discounts lower than Fido's prices all the time. Free economy so feel free to decide what's best for you with your money.


Hotel charges a bottle of water for $10, the Walmart across the street sells 24 bottles of water for $4. Same concept I guess?

I'm helpful level 2
I'm helpful level 2



Good luck walking out of a Fido store with the phone for $425 + tax.  There is a $25 hardware upgrade fee charged as well.