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I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

Is the LG G8 gone from your site or is it coming back?


Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hello @Alves


We moved the availability of the LG G8 offline. It's now only available at our stores. Smiley 


Hope this clarifies things, cheers! 

I'm a participant level 1
I'm a participant level 1

I tried to purchase this phone online before it was taken down.  I couldn't get the website to let me proceed past the device protection screen.  When I went back later to try again the device was gone.  There was no warning on the site that they would be removed soon.  Most purchasing sites say "good till such and such a date" or "only a certain amount left."   So there was no warning.


This forum says they are available in store.  So I drove an hour to the city to a fido store.  They didn't have it either.  They told me to call customer support.


I just got off the phone with customer support they told me they couldn't sell me this phone either.


I have now made 3 attempts to upgrade my phone to the one I wanted to no avail.  VERY FRUSTRATING!

the fact that Fido isnt selling this less than a year old phone should give you a good hint to reconsider your choice


(i have owned all the LG G models in the past and ths g8 is the first i skipped because of how LG is being left in the dust by the competition)


but at the end of the day its your choice, good luck in your search for one Smiley

Hi @triscuitcracker


It's obviously not the experience we want you to have while upgrading your device. 


It's indeed correct that the remaining stock we had of the phone was moved to our stores only. With that said, it's always recommended to call the store in advance if you're looking for a specific phone that is no longer on our website. 


Of course, we'll be happy to review your upgrade options here, maybe another phone interests you? We have great Black Friday deals going-on at the moment! Smiley