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LG G6 OS Upgrade V30b (Pie) Notification: HOW do I disable Notification?

I'm a participant level 3
I'm a participant level 3

So I am using an LG G6 with Android 8.x (Oreo) and I just got the notification of a new OS Upgrade available, over the air, from the Software Update app.


Question is, how can I permanently silence this notification so I don't accidentally click on it and update my OS to Pie?


I have tried the following with no success:

1) set the Settings - General - Update Centre - Software Update - {Check automatically, Auto-install updates} both to disabled.  This page has a "Continue update (continue software update)" entry with a "1" in a red cirlce to the right, which I don't know how to clear.


2) went to Settings - General - Apps & Notifications - Notifications - Apps - {App Updates, LGInstallService, Software Update (LG one)} and set all to LOW importance (no disable setting for any of these).


3) went to Settings - General - Apps & Notifications - App info - {App Updates, LGInstallService, Software Update (LG one), Update Centre} and "Force stopped" them, cleared their Cache (and Data when possible), and rebooted.


None of this worked, even lowering the notification importance, because a few minutes after reboot swiping down to get the Notification panel results in a  "Software Update * OS upgrade"  notification still being listed (and thus accidentally clickable).


So any ideas how I can permanently silence this notification?  


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Senior MVP

Hello ReelRobhardy,


  Perhaps this article may help? While the information provided may help prevent downloading an OS update, unfortunately, it may not affect the notification that an update has already been downloaded. I'm not sure about LG, but I faced a similar issue with my previous phone. I was doing pretty good about not downloading the update (wasn't able to find a way disable automatic update), but I wasn't careful enough and the update downloaded. Once the update was on my phone, I could only dismiss the notification so many times before it would automatically install the update for me.


Hope this helps 😀