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Is it possible to turn of recieving calls and sending calls while out of the country?

I'm a participant level 2
I'm a participant level 2

I would like the convienence of  my phone for use of the camera but dont want the hassel in case recieving a call while out in international country.  Data can be disabled but can calls and text too?


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Former Moderator
Former Moderator

Hey 13Lea, 


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Your best bet would be to put your phone on airplane mode, that way you can still use the features of the phone and connect to WiFi but calls, data and texts won't come through. Just so you know,  you can also disable data roaming and simply not answer your phone calls. Incoming text messages are free! I understand that you'd rather be safe than sorry though :).


Hope this helps! Have fun on your trip.


Hello 13Lea,


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  Depending on what phone you have, turning on airplane mode as @FidoRanya suggested is a good option. Airplane mode is supposed to turn off all of the antennae. You could then selectively turn on Wifi.


  However, there have been some instances with certain iPhones where a small amount of data was used even with Airplane mode switched on and roaming off (see here). I do not think the exact circumstances which resulted in the data usage is fully understood. To be absolutely certain that your phone would not make/receive calls/texts or use data would be to remove the SIM once you left Canada. I understand it is not ideal constantly having to remove/replace your SIM, but I am not aware of any other actual fix at the moment.


  Hope this helps Smiley