Iphone 12 Pro Max waiting time

Iphone 12 Pro Max waiting time

Iphone 12 Pro Max waiting time

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Iphone 12 Pro Max waiting time



My waiting position for 1phone 12 pro max is 113, any idea by when can I expect the phone to be delivered?




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I placed my order since Nov. 9th, 2020, still back order and they cannot say when I will get it, one message replied on Social media that I would not get it until after Christmas looks like, so it's looks like it's going to be two months plus

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For iPhone 12Pro same situation, did you order online via reservation? Or upgrade phone in your Fido account?

and did you got any email confirmation? 

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I went to the Apple store (Market Mall in Calgary) and they had the iPhone 12 Pro Max in stock; quite a few of them I was told. Worked out better this way as I was able to hang onto my promotional rate plan, and if I didn't like the phone I could return it to the Apple Store without being encumbered by usage limitations. 

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I put my order 2 weeks ago and just jump from 110 to 101 now!!!!!!!!! may I go with rogers thay have better deals & 5G

Hello @XSiS Smiley


Welcome to the Community! 


I understand you wish to get your new phone soon, and with the best possible deal.

Rest assured we're working hard during these busy times to send everyone their reserved devices as soon as possible!


That said, if you have any questions or concerns about the reservation, or if you'd like to go over more options for your plan, we're here to help.



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Yes, I have reserved my ipone 12 pro max as it is on backorder. I am waiting for the device. 

Since the phone is back ordered, you will receive an email when the phone is in stock and shipped. Sorry for the delay