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Internet not available

I'm a contributor level 2
I'm a contributor level 2

While at our cottage in northern Ontario, internet via mobile data service was not available for 24 hours. We are serviced by 2 Rogers towers and 1 Bell tower about 20 km away. We had two professionals working remotely who urgently needed internet access; they drove the distance until within eyesight of the Bell tower in order to work - one used a fido account! I asked several times but no one at fido could provide an explanation. Myself, I remained isolated and watched the Stanley Cup final game the next day on my phone when the internet magically returned.

Does anyone have a work-around for getting information on outages when your data plan is handicapped?


Hey @GeraldR , that's a good question. If your data on your device isn't working, how can you check for outages? One way would be to call *611 to get customer service and make an inquiry there. Or if you have access to a computer and internet, which in this case you didn't, you could check on 

The actual call in would be your best bet in this case.